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eSmart Update: Online Safety Podcast

At MacKillop College, we understand that caring for young adolescents can be challenging at the best of times and that your highest priority for your children is to keep them safe and happy.

We also understand that it is hard to keep abreast of the changes that occur in our digital world in the day’s business, particularly with social media and online activities that our children engage in every day.

Having the heads-up on ‘potential problems’ can quite often help prevent issues from occurring, and with this in mind, the MacKillop College eSmart Team would like to recommend that you make time to listen to the following 15min Online Safety podcast. This podcast is presented by Dr Justin Coulson from Happy Families, in an interview with Julie Inman Grant from the Australian eSafety Commission on various key topics relating to eSafety and adolescents. The podcast can be found at:  https://bit.ly/3ICyxi7.

We hope you find this podcast helpful in what to look out for with respect to your children’s online activities and knowing where to turn to if ‘issues’ should arise.