Complaints & Commendations


MacKillop College strives to acknowledge and celebrate the good work, positive action and attitudes of all those in our community. If you see something worthy of celebration, praise or commendation please complete our online commendation form.


MacKillop College works in an educational partnership with parents/carers for the benefit of all students. Upon entering into this partnership, families take on a number of important responsibilities which include: loyalty to the College community, a commitment to the College Vision and Mission Statement, and support of all College policies and expectations.

It is acknowledged that there may be occasions when members of the community may wish to express a complaint or grievance regarding College matters. Where appropriate the person wishing to complain or make a grievance is encouraged to communicate with the relevant College personnel to discuss and resolve their complaint or grievance.

Most complaints or grievances are best dealt with informally and directly between the persons concerned, however, this may not always be possible. Complaints or grievances are best communicated with the person most closely concerned with the issue in one of the following ways:

  • in person (preferably)
  • by telephone
  • by email

Where the complaint or grievance cannot be resolved after communication with those involved complainants are asked to complete our online form.

Our procedure aims to ensure that:

  • complaints or grievances are reported with respect for all parties concerned
  • we listen and take complaints or grievances seriously
  • we respond to complaints or grievances within a reasonable time and in a courteous and efficient way and
  • we take appropriate action with the full knowledge of all parties concerned

Confidentiality is a major issue in the handling of complaints or grievances. Confidentiality shall be maintained at all stages of the complaint or grievance with communication limited to those people who need to be informed in order to resolve the complaint or grievance.

On presenting the complaint or grievance, those concerned must be able to be identified. Any anonymous complaint or grievance cannot be satisfactorily substantiated and therefore investigated, as the College would be unable to confirm them as genuine.

In having specific complaints or grievances addressed we recommend that initial contact be made with the relevant College personnel in the order listed below:

Type of Issue Individuals to communicate with for most appropriate resolution
Curriculum Matters Subject Teacher
Student’s Academic Progress Subject Teacher
Wellbeing Concerns Homeroom Teacher
General Student Behaviour Homeroom Teacher
Transport Matters (including buses) Transport Coordinator
Off Campus Issues
(in and out of school hours)
Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing
Uniform Homeroom Teacher
Financial Issues College accountant
Staff Complete the online complaints form
Privacy Laws/Act Principal

In cases where the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved after communication with the appropriate person listed above, the complainant is encouraged to complete our online form. Completion of this form will escalate the complaint or grievance.