School Advisory Council
Fr Albert Yogarajah St Andrew’s Parish
Mr Praful Albuquerque St Peter’s Representative
Mr Nimal Pandithakoralege St Andrew’s Representative (Deputy Chair)
Mr Lee Revell St James’ Representative (Chair)
Mr Rory Kennedy Principal & Executive Officer (ex officio)
Mr Colin Grant Staff Representative
Mr Davin Kroeger Parent/Carer Representative
Ms Mairead Taylor Parent/Carer Representative
Ms Cath Corcoran Parent/Carer Representative
Mrs Rosemarie Walsh Alumni Representative
Mr Paul Scott Honorary Accountant
Mrs Rosy Klyscz Business Manager (ex officio)
Ms Sandra Camilleri Council Secretary


Leadership Groups

MacKillop College uses a collaborative process with students, emphasising the objective that all members of the school population can contribute to the common good. We believe that students play an active and important part in the life of the College.

All students share responsibility for leadership at the College. In many areas of school life, students are given formal opportunities for leadership.

The challenge of leadership is an important part of our students’ learning experiences. It is held in very high esteem and is recognised on many occasions throughout the school year. It is hoped that through these experiences those students who have taken on the mantle of leadership will learn much in terms of the qualities needed for good leadership as well as gaining a compassionate vision.

William Ardizzon College Captain Caleb Herbertson Environment and Sustainability Captain
Dylan Arianto College Captain Matthew Marich Environment and Sustainability Captain
Stella Talbot College Captain Isabelle Trimble Environment and Sustainability Captain
Emma Free College Captain Ebony Muraca Performing Arts Captain
Jack Fletcher College Captain Noah Mersha Performing Arts Captain
Tiana Galea College Captain Jessica Mallia Performing Arts Captain
Kayla Larbi College Captain Anastasia Kusmawan Performing Arts Captain
Lucca Mendez College Captain Yuka Takayama Performing Arts Captain
Eunice Mujaya Academic Captain Bryce Dent Performing Arts Captain
Matthew Ngan Academic Captain Rica Azanes Creative Arts Captain
Megan D’sousza Catholic Identity Captain Ann Manamel Wellbeing Captain
Mukami Ragoi Catholic Identity Captain Naomi Kiyaga Wellbeing Captain
Liam O’Mahoney Sports Captain Lily Exton Wellbeing Captain
Flynn Delaney Sports Captain Terry West Wellbeing Captain
Caitlyn Hopper Wellbeing Captain
School Captains

The MacKillop College School Captains are chosen as a team of six or more Year 12 students.

The School Captains for 2022 are:

  • William Ardizzon
  • Dylan Arianto
  • Stella Talbot
  • Emma Free
  • Jack Fletcher
  • Tiana Galea
  • Kayla Larbi
  • Lucca Mendez

It is expected that the College Captains will:

  • Have a love of and loyalty to MacKillop College – its past, present and future.
  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility, a positive co-operative spirit and a willingness to show an unselfish service to others.
  • Work with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Level Coordinators and staff in planning and maintaining a vision for the College and that they will work for the well-being of the total College Community.
  • Lead the SRC meetings to develop within the group a strong sense of community through the positive interaction with representatives from all year levels throughout the school. They should be able to motivate and involve others as well as being able to delegate effectively.
  • Have a demonstrated record of involvement in school activities and be involved in the organisation of whole school activities throughout the year.
  • Be willing to accept challenges and carry them out.
  • Be able to lead by the example of their own participation in school activities.
  • Follow school rules and set an example for all other students to follow.
  • Be able to communicate well with teachers, members of the public, other college leaders and students.
  • Have skill and confidence in preparing speeches and speaking publicly
  • Be punctual, well organised and use time effectively.
  • Be able to effectively balance study and the demands of being College Captain.
Student Representative Council

MacKillop College’s Student Representative Council (SRC) is very active and makes many positive contributions to the College. The Student Council is represented by students from every year level and meets regularly to discuss and act upon student issues.

All students can exercise leadership by taking part in co-curricular sporting, creative and cultural activities. The College realises the importance of students experiencing positions of responsibility and leadership as the associated challenges assist in developing personal skills, values and goals. MacKillop College offers students leadership training and in-servicing.

What is the Student Representative Council at MacKillop College?

The Student Representative Council

  • Develops student leadership throughout the school
  • Is a forum where students are able to discuss issues and concerns that relate to them
  • Is a formal voice of the students
  • Provides a link between students, staff and administration of the college
  • Communicates important information to all students
  • Gives students a way to be involved in community activities
  • Promotes school spirit
  • Does something that students believe in
  • Encourages involvement in environmental groups, clean-up days, tree planting, etc.
  • Hold forums on important issues of concern for students
  • Organise fun activities for students at lunchtime
  • Is an avenue for school leaders to gain opinions from the school body

Expectations of the SRC Member

  • Represents their year level by communicating to all students in the year level on a regular basis
  • Listens to everyone’s views
  • Suggest decisions that could be made
  • Shares in the decision making
  • Shares in doing the work and being involved in activities
  • Turns up on time to all meetings
  • Follows the meeting rules
  • Keeps a positive attitude towards the SRC and discusses any concerns with the school captains
  • Promotes the SRC in the best way they can
  • Is a school leader and leads by example

Who is an SRC Member?

Any student from years 7-11 may apply to be an SRC member. There is an application available on the Intranet that can be filled in and emailed to the SRC coordinator. Students will be selected for SRC based on recommendations from their year level coordinators and on an interview, where the role and the aims of the SRC will be discussed.

SRC Meetings

SRC meetings will be conducted in a formal manner with an agenda, minutes taken and a chairperson.

Meetings will be held fortnightly or as necessary.  These are always at lunchtime and finish in time for students to go to classes.


  • There is a regular report about the SRC in the monthly newsletter
  • Minutes from each SRC meeting will be published after each meeting on the Intranet under the Student Wellbeing tab
  • Posters advertising coming events will be placed on notice boards
  • SRC representatives will speak regularly at year level and school assemblies to inform students of SRC activities and news
  • Daily Information Sheet announcements, and notifications of extra-ordinary meetings
  • School Captains regularly meet with the Principal, Mr. Kennedy, to discuss matters of concern with him, and inform him of what they have been doing
  • Local media may be contacted to report on the SRC involvement