Student and Family Services

MacKillop College offers a wide range of distinct student and family services to further complement its Pastoral Care program.


Student Welfare Counsellors are employed to support students in dealing with problems in a sensitive and caring manner. Personal and family health is the primary focus of the counselling service, however, the College is also concerned about preventing emotional distress, social and relational education, and, providing support for the school community. The Counselling Service is holistic in approach and provides an experience for students, families, and staff that enhances emotional and physical well being. The Counselling Service targets issues such as trauma, low self-esteem, relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, death of a family member, depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, sexual or personal harassment, academic or employment concerns, addictive behaviours, and suicidal ideation, all, considered detrimental to the health and well being of members of the MacKillop Catholic Regional College school community.

The Counselling Service fits within the broader, systemic, aspect of the MacKillop Student Services, that includes Parent Support Liaison, Individual Needs, and Careers Counselling.
There are three specific objectives of the counselling team:

Preventative Counselling provides information to the school community that will educate staff, parents, and students in the early identification and self management of issues that can escalate and become troublesome.

The Healing aspect to the Counselling Service is the provision of a qualified counsellor, trained to listen and work with clients to reach solution or self management.

The Supportive role of the Counselling Service relates to intervention and management of ongoing issues and crises situations.

Parent/Family Support

The Pastoral Care network of the College also extends to the parents of the students. The College aims to encourage parents to connect with the school as a support for them during the students adolescent years. We invite parents to become part of the school community through the opportunities offered them for their own well being.

There are two aspects to this service

Providing avenues for parents to receive support. For example:

  • Social interaction
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Educational Parent learning
  • Peer-support group involvement
  • Support in times of crises
  • Home visitation (specifically in times of crises)
  • Links to community agencies

Careers Education

MacKillop College has developed a Career Reference Service in order to provide students with information and guidance. The Careers Education Co-ordinator directs students toward career and course information and assists in the subject selection process. The Co-ordinator also directs students toward employment opportunities, provides workshop activities and conducts structured lessons on career-related topics, as well as teaching students job search techniques.